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Smoke Cartel, Inc. (Symbol: SMKC)

Smoke Cartel, Inc. (Symbol: SMKC) is a leading online retailer and wholesale distributor of smoking accessories and glass pipes. The Company operates in different verticals within the online headshop industry, including sales of consumer products through online retail at, sales of wholesale products to other retailers through Glassheads Distribution, design and manufacturing of branded product lines, and shipping and fulfillment services. Since its inception in 2013, Smoke Cartel has led the industry standard in the online headshop space by dominating in product innovation, consumer education, and organic online traffic rankings. The Company owns 7 branded product lines to target different markets including Kraken Grinders, Sesh Supply, and China Glass. Smoke Cartel consistently wins over consumers and other retailers through their growing product lines, fast and reliable shipping, and excellent customer service. The Company has over 90,000 retail customers in 44 countries and has 3,000 wholesale customers.

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Smoke Cartel is the online retail sales channel platform that serves thousands of customers across the US and internationally.

Glassheads Wholesale @glassheadswholesale

Glassheads Distribution is the wholesale, B2B sales outlet of Smoke Cartel, and serves about 3,000 e-commerce and brick & mortar retailers in the USA and internationally. This division came from Smoke Cartel’s acquisition of UPC Distribution in January 2016.

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